Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer Sandals

One of the great things about summer is that the shops are filled with very pretty sandals and I couldn't resist this gorgeous pair from Evans. They are similar to a pair I bought last year, however this seasons are more comfortable with an added flexisole. I love them as they are so versatile! I would definitely recommend and repurchase.

Bring on the summer
Evans Jewelled T Bar Sandals

I needed a pair of wedges for nights out which were fairly comfortable and not too high. I'm sick of walking around London (because you can never get a taxi) in high heels and burning feet so opted for these... 
Evans Black Jewel Detail Wedge Sandals

I really liked the jewel detail down the centre of the wedge mixed with patent straps.

My second pair of wedges I couldn't resist! They are from New Look and I LOVE them! Not that I don't love the others, I just feel very glamorous in these. I'm not sure I could cope with wearing them for hours and hours as they are quite high but will definitely wear them for BBQs, meals out etc... 

New Look Wide Fit Black Cross-Over Cork Wedges

So as you can see I've gone a bit mad recently with summer sandals but it had to be done!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Summer Individual

So it looks like the summer is finally here and it seems everyone is ecstatic about this big ball of burning fire in the sky. Every status update references the summer in one way or another; 'loving wearing my maxi dress at the moment', 'can't get enough of this heat', 'may this weather continue'. I must admit the summer does bring out the more pleasant qualities in most people but the summer, for me is a strange time of year because I feel its breeds three different types of people...

The individual that only lives for the summer. 
From late September until late April/May these people are miserable, inconsiderate, selfish, the list is endless, BUT as soon as they see the sun, not forgetting the accompanying heat, their summer switch is ON! Nothing else matters as long as the sun is out, every problem can be fixed stress free, food can be eaten outside and shirts can come off - I'm talking about the boys that think they have a good body, but in actual fact they are just ridiculously skinny con caving under their baggy jeans.

The individual that pretends to like the summer.
Now these people have lots of friends that are in the above category so they feel an obligation to join in, but the reality is they would rather be in spring or even autumn.  They can only really enjoy certain aspects of this season for example; enjoying a BBQ at a friends house. This is OK as it normally cools down in the evening but they're still enjoying the fact that they don't have to bring a coat and can see each other until about 9 o'clock without turning on the half broken fairy lights pinned to the perimeter of the fence.

The individual that hates everything about the summer.
I have only met a couple of people who truly hate the summer and everything that comes with it. I'm talking getting incredibly angry having to endure listening to KISS FM blasting out of a convertible that has seen better days. Teenagers; 'hanging out', shouting into the night, generally having fun - this is NOT allowed! Staying inside to 'get away from the heat', feeling very uncomfortable all day long and sweating profusely. The thought of having a day out at the beach initiates fear to point of a major terrible twos strop declaring their life will begin again in September. 
So which individual are you?  

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Spontaneous Nights Out are the Best!

I planned to have quite an uneventful, relaxing weekend when my best friend suggested we go out for coffee to get away from the football, which turned into a meal which turned into an amazing night!  

Animal Print Dress - New Look Inspire

I felt really comfortable in this outfit and my feet didn't hurt one bit when I got home, even after lots of dancing!  


We went to The Orange Tree in Totteridge - I've always wanted to go there but never got round to going. I'm so glad we did as it was lovely.  Mmmm Pimm's O'Clock!

Start as we mean to go on!

Cocktails and dancing at The Willow, Winchmore Hill


Friday, 18 May 2012

Birthday Night

This time two weeks ago I was half way through getting ready for my and my friends joint birthday night out. 
Birthday girls
I have a tiny problem with time keeping (although my friends would disagree and tell you it's a massive problem) but I honestly can't help it! I enjoy the getting ready experience then the phone rings; 
We wanted to do something different, something memorable - I was on a mission!  Glamorous, sexy, fun, good food - Proud Cabaret Camden was the place for us!

Black (Black) Inspire Sequin Top Dress | 236937601 | New Look
The dress - New Look Inspire
Black (Black) Wide Fit Black Platform Court Shoe | 244172601 | New Look
Platform Court Shoe - New Look
Black (Black) Inspire Sequin Mesh Shrug | 229356001 | New Look
Black sequin shrug - New Look Inspire

Gorgeous stables
A tight squeeze!
The food was excellent
View from the back
Yes you guessed it, we were dragged (literally) on stage by the host as it was our birthdays, assuming the worst I was quite pleased when in fact we didn't have to strip but sing a couple of notes to a song - phew! 

All in all a great night but what's in store for next year?!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Survival of the PINKS

I'm going to the salon at the weekend to have an infill on my acrylic nails and I've been thinking about which colour to choose. (I like taking my own nail polish with me because then I can match my toes and touch up if I need to). At the moment I have Orly's chocolate martini on and love it BUT I've got my craving for pink back!

 I found these three gorgeous spring/summer colours in my collection but don't know which one to pick!?

The first colour is Barry M's Berry Ice Cream, Mmmmm sounds yummy! I've tested this colour on my toenail and it has potential. These pastel colours are really fashionable at the moment, I've seen so many dupes of this colour - Models Own 'Pastel Lilac Dream', OPI 'Do You Lilac It?'.

The second colour is Essie's Funny Face (top marks on the name), a bubblegum, barbie, mellow pink. This nail polish has great coverage and you could get away with just one coat. This opaque colour also has many twins - OPI's Pink Friday, L'Oreal's Ingenious Rose, MUA's nail varnish shade 12.
The third colour is Fruit Sangria also by Essie. This is a much brighter pink with a tiny amount of shimmer. Glides on with no streaking. Dupes include - Barry's M's Fuchsia, Mac's Hot 'n' Steamy Pink.

So which one is it to be? That is the question... 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

High end copper eyeshadows

I am always on the hunt for the perfect copper colour eyeshadow and so far on my quest I have tried three high end brands, all with different factors and results. I'm still not 100% sure I've found my ultimate yet, however that's the fun in shopping isn't it? 
Seek and ye shall find, seek and ye shall find! 

The first eyeshadow I want to share is Sisley's copper touch (1.3g), bought from John Lewis at £23.50. This eyeshadow looks amazing in the palette, on the eye and swatches on skin, which is what drew me to parting with nearly £25! This product is a powder-cream eyeshadow and provides comfort and softness with extracts of Hawthorn and Calendula (according to Sisley).

The pigmentation of this product is very high impact and feels very luxurious when applied, however I found copper touch difficult to work with especially blending with other eyeshadows.
The powder-cream eyeshadow never really set on my lid, trying it with and without a primer. This led to automatic creasing. Personally this product is quite expensive for the amount of product you get.

I think this product would work for someone who doesn't have oily lids and uses it sparingly.

I give it a:
10/10 - pigmentation
1/10 - blending
2/10 - long wearing
4/10 price

The 2nd product is Estee Lauder's Sizzling Copper Metallic (2.1g) priced at £16.00.

The pigmentation of this product is high and can be built up for a stronger look, perhaps for evening wear. This product glides on the eye with ease and blends beautifully leaving you with a professional finish. 

Unlike Sisley's copper touch, Estee Lauder's sizzling copper is a powder eyeshadow. This product claims to have a velvety smooth texture which blends easily, is long wearing and does not crease. From my experience these statements are all true.
The packaging for this product is excellent, a secure clasp, a small applicator and mirror. What more do you want?! I'm very pleased with the results of this eyeshadow and would definitely recommend and re-purchase. 

The only negative point I would suggest is the colour curves more towards a gold rather than a true copper.

I give it a:
9/10 - pigmentation
10/10 - blending
9/10 - long wearing
8/10 - price

 Eye Shadow The third and final product is Mac's coppering (1.5g) bought from Fenwicks, priced at £12.00. 

I have a lot of Mac eyeshadows and know that they are long wearing and don't tend to crease.

This eyeshadow is highly pigmented, applies evenly and blends well. Exactly what Mac say it does. It has a very similar texture to Estee Lauder's sizzling copper - velvety, smooth yet shimmery. 

Coppering is such a bold colour it was a little overpowering for me worn in the day as there are strong undertones of red. I prefer wearing this colour for an evening out.

I would recommend anyone try a Mac eyeshadow as they really are brilliant products. 

I give it a:
10/10 - pigmentation
9/10 - blending
9/10 - long wearing
9/10 - price

Swatches of all three eyeshadows. 
Left to right; Mac, Estee Lauder, Sisley.

Saturday afternoon

I woke up this morning excited (after not sleeping that well) to write my first 'proper' post about one of my favourite outfits, which I happen to have had on yesterday. My sister in law (soon to be) came over with her husband yesterday afternoon for a catch up and more importantly, a 'nice lunch'. I thought it would be a good opportunity to get a little dressed up as we were going to a pub in Winchmore Hill, hmmm nice!

The antique look

Dress - New Look
Black cardigan - Marks and Spencer
Leggings - Evans
Shoes - Evans
Necklace - New Look
Nail Varnish - Chocolate Martini by Orly

I also wanted to show you one of my favourite eyeshadows at the moment and that is Estee Lauder's Sizzling Copper Metallic. I love this eyeshadow as it is so pigmented, glides on, easy to blend and makes blues eyes pop out!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

So this is me! My first ever picture on my first ever blog - how exciting!