Sunday, 24 June 2012

Products I'm Loving Right Now

I've not done a 'beauty products I'm loving right now' post before so thought it was about time I did one! I love trying out new products especially products that have been gifts for birthdays, anniversary's etc..

The first 'Product I'm Loving Right Now' is:
Crystal Noir from Versace
I acquired this perfume for my birthday last month and is something I wouldn't normally choose, purely because I spent most of my teenage years dowsed in Versace's Red Jeans, a scent I do not want to be associated with anymore! 

When I opened the box I automatically decided that I was going to like it, the bottle in the shape of a diamond was fast becoming my best friend. The deep purple glass bottle reminded me of; high-end fashion, glamour, vintage. The fragrance has an exotic, warm floral scent which is the result of the contradicting ingredients - Amber and Gardenia. I would say this perfume was a lot more pleasant after settling. Initially quite a strong, overpowering deep scent but mellowed after a few minutes which I was very pleased about. Although this fragrance is a deep, warm scent I like the way it makes you feel; sophisticated, elegant and mature. 

My second 'Product I'm Loving Right Now' is:
This mascara is my ultimate mascara which I wear day and night, I love it and I'll tell you why. 
  1. The formula makes my lashes appear longer with just one coat. 
  2. Coat number 2 makes my lashes appear as if they've doubled in thickness.
  3. The pigmentation is a true black with a glossy finish.
  4. Mascara does not move all day.
 The packaging isn't the prettiest compared with other high-street brands such as; Maxfactors Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara and Revlon's Fabulash Waterproof Mascara but I am willing to oversee as long as the formula stays the same.

I have tried many mascaras high-end, high-street but nothing comes close to Maybelline and I hope they never discontinue this product!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Maxi All The Way Baby!

So I'm loving one of the spring/summer trends of this season which is of course, the MAXI skirt. Everywhere I go someone is rocking the maxi and I love the many different variations that are possible with this dark horse of a garment! 
maxi skirts Maxi Skirt Spring Trend 2012
Worn casually for a summery look or a more dressed up version like Kim and Beyonce, the possibilities are endless.

I have never owned a maxi skirt (not really sure why) and wanted a piece of the action so gave in and bought my first ever maxi skirt, which I love by the way! Very comfortable to wear and an excellent alternative to a maxi dress with a similar outcome. I decided to team the maxi with a pastel pink lace, peblum inspired top (another style I've never worn), a pearl necklace - a revisited obsession and a chiffon, floral shrug I find difficult to ensemble.
Shrug - New Look (Last season)
Pearl Necklace - Evans sale
Ankle Boots - New Look (Last season)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Body Shop Mini Haul

Since I was a child The Body Shop has always been a shop that I love going into, the smell and colours of all the different flavoured body butters just gets me going! I took advantage of the recent 20% off event, combining with my free birthday gift I couldn't resist picking up a couple of things. 

I've been looking for a moisturiser that claims to control excess oil, mattifies and has at least one natural ingredient since I can remember. I have the classic oily skin - produces excess oil throughout the day mainly in the T zone and I've tried various products to control it. I currently use Garnier's Purifying 24 hours moisturiser - 'formulated to hydrate and help purify and mattify your skin' (Garnier). I really like this product as it keeps my skin relatively clear and matte, however I still need blotting paper towards the afternoon hence still looking for a product that can deliver all day long. 

The first product from The Body Shop is; 

                                 Click for enlarged view

As soon as I saw 'Seaweed Mattifying Moisture' I started to get excited as this seemed to be the perfect combination of factors that I've been searching for. This product smells great and still has a tiny hint of scent under makeup. The product comes out in the consistency of a lotion - quite thin but as soon as it's rubbed in it almost turns into a thick moisturiser. I felt like it sat on my skin for quite a while and never really sank in or dried leaving my skin smooth but sticky, which I didn't like. The moisturiser did mattify my face, apart from my nose and chin (two areas I definitely did NOT want shine!). 
Overall I really like the Seaweed element to this product and SPF is always great in any product but for an oily skin I feel this moisturiser is a touch overpowering so will probably use as a night moisturiser rather than day.

The second product is;
Cheek Color Blush in the shade 02 Raspberry Pink 4g.

This is a beautifully soft, natural pink blush which glides onto the face and blends very well. This is a matte blush which is highly pigmented - a little goes a long way!  The blush (when applied with a fluffy brush) is slightly lighter than in the pan and would suit any skin tone, especially pale skin. I really like the way it enhances my skin without looking like I've got blush on giving the impression of a fresh face. This blush reminds me of Mac's 'Well Dressed', another favourite, however The Body Shop's version is a lot more affordable. 
Overall a fabulous product!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Outfit of the Day

I have definitely taken advantage of this time off thanks to the Jubilee celebrations to see friends, shop (not just for me) and of course write more blog posts.

I went for a mini shop - a wander round (if you will) yesterday, I wasn't going in for a big session so knew I could get away with wearing some sort of a heel! Sometimes I find it difficult to pick an outfit which is comfortable and doesn't scream; 'TRAMP you need to buy a new outfit', so I felt this was headed more towards a 'made an effort so it's ok to buy makeup instead of clothes' outfit. AND it was comfortable.

Top - Evans (last season)
Cardigan - Marks and Spencer
Jeans - Evans Midwash Bootcut
Shoes - Evans (last year)

When it comes to makeup, I love choosing complimentary colours that will enhance the overall look. I chose Mac's Sumptuous Olive (a subtle green gold) for the lids with Mac's Brun blended softly in the crease and deeper on the outer corner. One of my favourite combinations.


On the cheek I chose Mac's blush in the shade Style which is one of my all time favourite Mac blushes. A peachy shade with gold undertones giving any face a natural glow. On the lips I chose Rimmel's Soft Coral, a peachy pink with a tiny amount of shimmer which I felt brought the whole look together.

Monday, 4 June 2012

May Favourites

I've really been looking forward to sharing my May favourites with you all as they are all fabulous! I love the month of May for three reasons; 

1. My birthday is in May
2. Spring is springing - cute baby animals
3. The word May sounds nice don't you think?!

My first product is a nail varnish I blogged about in 'Survival of the Pinks' a few weeks ago.  A Dress For Life commented on the post, went with her suggestion and I've not stopped wearing it all month!
The colour is Fruit Sangria by Essie which is a bright pink with a tiny hint of shimmer, although you can't really tell when it's on after two coats.

Fruit Sangria - Essie

The next product is my most worn lip product, not just in May but ever! I have literally worn this lip butter for 6 out of 7 days a week.  I usually get bored of the same product after a few days, which for me makes this an essential item.

The product is Revlon's lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake.  I initially bought four lip butters (Strawberry Shortcake, Peach Parfait, Cotton Candy and Sweet Tart) mid April but Strawberry Shortcake was the one I felt could be worn daily. The application is very smooth, no tugging and glides on with absolute ease. I can only describe the lip butter as creamy, almost velvety and I definitely saw a big difference in the plumpness of my lips after a few days of use. Would recommend and re-purchase! 

The final beauty product was supposed to be a funny present from my mum for my birthday. The joke was on her because I love it! I'm so glad she bought it as I was beginning to look quite pasty next to my 'just got home from the Caribbean' friend! 

The product is Garnier's Summerbody moisturiser in light.  I'm not good with fake tan, I've never found one that either doesn't stick to my dryer patches, is patchy everywhere and/or smells gross, so I was a bit skeptical about trying a moisturiser with a hint of self-tan. I was pleasantly suprised when I woke up on the first morning (after putting it on the night before) to find a very subtle, even colour. The product smells more like a summery moisturiser rather than a heavy fake tan which is great because I hate that off biscuit smell fake tan has. Recently re-purchased from Boots as I'm running low.

My only non beauty May favourite are the Jewelled T bar Sandals from Evans  I blogged about, a week ago in 'Summer Sandals'.

There are a few reasons why I love these sandals; 
  • They are instantly comfortable, no breaking in or plasters needed
  • They look gorgeous with any outfit, so versatile.
  •  They stay perfectly secure on your feet (even when walking furiously through London)
I would absolutely recommend these sandals and I'm hoping they'll make them in a different colour. 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Outfit for a May Day

This weather seems to be so unpredictable at the moment so I've bought some summer clothes that can be versatile and worn in colder weather to. This dress is from New Look and is very similar to a dress from last year. I love the shape and print so had to get it!

Blue Pattern (Blue) Inspire Navy Floral Print Dress | 224005349 | New Look
New Look Inspire - Navy Floral Print Dress

I decided to team this dress with some black leggings from Evans, a black cardigan from Marks and Spencer's and some flat black pumps from New Look.

Remove cardigan, leggings and swap pumps for sandals and you have a summer outfit

I kept the makeup quite neutral using a Chanel palette for the eyes

The colour is 20 Taupe - Delicat

...Revlon lip butter shade - Cotton Candy