Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Summer Individual

So it looks like the summer is finally here and it seems everyone is ecstatic about this big ball of burning fire in the sky. Every status update references the summer in one way or another; 'loving wearing my maxi dress at the moment', 'can't get enough of this heat', 'may this weather continue'. I must admit the summer does bring out the more pleasant qualities in most people but the summer, for me is a strange time of year because I feel its breeds three different types of people...

The individual that only lives for the summer. 
From late September until late April/May these people are miserable, inconsiderate, selfish, the list is endless, BUT as soon as they see the sun, not forgetting the accompanying heat, their summer switch is ON! Nothing else matters as long as the sun is out, every problem can be fixed stress free, food can be eaten outside and shirts can come off - I'm talking about the boys that think they have a good body, but in actual fact they are just ridiculously skinny con caving under their baggy jeans.

The individual that pretends to like the summer.
Now these people have lots of friends that are in the above category so they feel an obligation to join in, but the reality is they would rather be in spring or even autumn.  They can only really enjoy certain aspects of this season for example; enjoying a BBQ at a friends house. This is OK as it normally cools down in the evening but they're still enjoying the fact that they don't have to bring a coat and can see each other until about 9 o'clock without turning on the half broken fairy lights pinned to the perimeter of the fence.

The individual that hates everything about the summer.
I have only met a couple of people who truly hate the summer and everything that comes with it. I'm talking getting incredibly angry having to endure listening to KISS FM blasting out of a convertible that has seen better days. Teenagers; 'hanging out', shouting into the night, generally having fun - this is NOT allowed! Staying inside to 'get away from the heat', feeling very uncomfortable all day long and sweating profusely. The thought of having a day out at the beach initiates fear to point of a major terrible twos strop declaring their life will begin again in September. 
So which individual are you?  

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