Friday, 18 May 2012

Birthday Night

This time two weeks ago I was half way through getting ready for my and my friends joint birthday night out. 
Birthday girls
I have a tiny problem with time keeping (although my friends would disagree and tell you it's a massive problem) but I honestly can't help it! I enjoy the getting ready experience then the phone rings; 
We wanted to do something different, something memorable - I was on a mission!  Glamorous, sexy, fun, good food - Proud Cabaret Camden was the place for us!

Black (Black) Inspire Sequin Top Dress | 236937601 | New Look
The dress - New Look Inspire
Black (Black) Wide Fit Black Platform Court Shoe | 244172601 | New Look
Platform Court Shoe - New Look
Black (Black) Inspire Sequin Mesh Shrug | 229356001 | New Look
Black sequin shrug - New Look Inspire

Gorgeous stables
A tight squeeze!
The food was excellent
View from the back
Yes you guessed it, we were dragged (literally) on stage by the host as it was our birthdays, assuming the worst I was quite pleased when in fact we didn't have to strip but sing a couple of notes to a song - phew! 

All in all a great night but what's in store for next year?!


  1. the dress looks great i love it xx

    1. Thank you, it's one of my favourites x

  2. wow! that dress is amazing on you. You are stunning x